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Mohamad Rizwan Bin Mohd Sahimy
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Setiawangsa,Keramat dan WangsaMaju, Melawati, Gombak
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Std. 1 - 6
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Thursday, January 25, 2018
Hi i am graduate in Bachelor Degree specifically on Mathematics & Engineering.

My experience in teaching started when i became a part time tutor for freshman and colleagues specially in Mathematics in 2010.Total of 8 years experience

My strength is focusing towards a one to one understanding and creating an effective two way communication when teaching.

i do believe each and every student have their own limit of understanding, thus it is important to first understand and evaluate the capabilities of my students before finding the correct teaching tools.

I normally would provide my own sets of questions(latih tubi) and assessment for students depending on their level.However, all these questions will be based on school and examination curricular standard.

i am available for call/whatsapp/ 0122457074

I can travel to the students place or can organise learning at my house.

Time preferred
7pm onwards

10am onwards

tutoring time varies and would prefer an upfront discussion.

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