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Why Private Tuition ?

         Many Malaysians would associate the term 'tuition' with tuition centers. And rightly so, because these tuition centers represent the most abundant form of extra coaching available in the country. However, there is another type of tuition that is gaining fast in popularity.

Private home tutoring - personal attention of teacher   It goes by various names; such as home tuition, private tuition, personal tuition, one-to-one tuition, individual tuition, small group tuition etc. The main feature which sets it apart from the tuition centers is its smaller student-to-teacher ratio, which translates to more personal attention for each student. Ultimately, this personal attention would achieve better results compared to tuition centres and schools.

Close & personal attention

         Just how personal is the attention provided by private tuition? The form of private tuition with the largest class size is called small group tuition (or just group tuition). In a typical group tuition, there is no more than 10 students coached by one tuition teacher (or tutor). These students may or may not belong to the same level of studies. However, each is still apportioned a slice of the allotted tuition time, so that every student can still enjoy some private teaching catered to him or her alone.

Small group tuition - affordable home tutoring   A session of private tuition normally ranges from an hour to three hours at a time. Therefore, the smaller the group size, the more each individual student would benefit. Compare this to the class size at school and at tuition centers, which can be as large as 25 to 50 students in some urban tuition centers. It is a saddening fact that some of these tuition centres have even more crowded classes than schools.

Your very own teacher

          A logical conclusion to the trend of decreasing class size, is just one student to a tuition teacher. Termed one-to-one tuition, it is the most exclusive form of private coaching that you'll ever find. The tutor in this case would devote 100% of his or her attention to the student for the entire duration of the session. Often times, the tutor will be so attuned to the student's learning habits and skills that the teaching process is customized for maximum understanding and retention.

Targeted coaching

Crowded school classroom - no individual attention   Why is private tuition considered the most preferred form of coaching? Many felt that a private tutor is capable of providing that extra push when needed because school teachers have too many classes and too little time for individual attention. Especially when it is a year of major examination. Burdened by a large class size, individual attention is an extremely rare commodity in schools.

One-to-one personal tuition - solves learning difficulties         On the other hand, students who cannot keep pace with the school lessons may also be reluctant to delay the class's progress with incessant questioning that forces the teacher to repeat a lesson. However, they feel completely at ease and guilt-free when demanding the same from a private tutor because they have paid for the time.

Customized & flexible lessons

         The personal attention of a tutor can be invaluable for some subjects such as Mathematics, whereby a student can benefit from a step-by-step guidance. For example, a private tutor could go through each and every step of the solution and point out where the student went wrong.

Home tuition - motivates and engages student         Another plus point about private tutors is that they often teach students better methods to solve questions and problems. This gives the students an extra advantage over their peers and makes school lessons more interesting as they can compare their own 'superior' methods against the conventional methods taught by teachers in class. Students are no longer bored during class when they know they have the upper hand.

         Flexibility is also another advantage of private tuition because the tutor teaches according to your pace and is not in a rush to finish the syllabus, as the class teachers are. If the student is tied down in a particular topic, the tutor will concentrate on it until it's cleared up. Conversely, if the student races through a section, the tutor can provide an extra impetus by teaching beyond the textbooks.

Specialist care for the weak

          More and more people are recognizing the effectiveness of private tuition, especially when the student concerned is particularly weak in school. Such cases have frustrated many parents, who have exhausted all other avenues to remedy their children's academic plight.

Private tuition helps weaker student         When faced with a non-performing child, most parents would first send him or her to a tuition center. When that proved inadequate, they will finally turn to private tuition. And this will usually take the form of one-to-one tuition, for maximum effect. This is often the last resort for parents of these weak students. Although not many private tutors would actually profess to effecting a full turnaround, it will be rare not to see some positive improvements in the grades, at the very least.

In summary, learning capabilities differ greatly from person to person. Private tuition is a personalized service that will remedy problems and enhance performance.

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