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About Us
Online Tutoring : About Us
“Tuition Plaza: ONLINE TUTORING”  is a free online education service, created to provide you with web tutoring on numerous topics. As opposed to standard reference websites that serve up one-size-fits-all educational contents, we aim to provide an engaging, personalised learning experience to each and every user.

Learning is not passive. It is doing. By asking, you will assimilate knowledge faster. By repeating, you will retain more and recall easier. Learning is not mere receiving, but also sharing of knowledge. When you teach others, your own understanding will become clearer. Simply put, the most effective education is really interactive, and not dictative, in nature. We hope to facilitate this interaction through a web site.

You. Yes, you. You are the student. You are the teacher as well. Each of us is a student AND a teacher at the same time. This is because everybody knows something and nobody knows everything. So start learning and teaching already!

“Tuition Plaza: ONLINE TUTORING”  starts operating on 26 June 2005. It is still in beta testing stage. Your support is most appreciated. A Malaysian edition of this service is available to cater specifically to users in Malaysia.

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