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Law & Jurisprudence
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Joined: 25 April 2006
Location: United Kingdom
Posts: 1
Posted: 25 April 2006 at 8:36am | IP Logged Quote Alin_noor87

hi, i hope someone can help me by answering the problem question: 
i hope u can help me by giving me an advice and try to solve my housing problem.
i'm a student, moved into a flat which needed redecoration.(2 months before).My lanlady assistedme to redecorated the flat. i was so grateful for her assistance that i promised to buy her a ticket for my university event. However,when it to to purchase tickets, i could not afford to buy her the ticket.
my landlady was furious and informed me that either i have to buy her the ticket for the event or i will have to agree to pay more renrt for the spring term. i reluctantly agreed to pay more rentfor the spring term, as i was afraid that i would be evicted. i signed a written document to pay more rent to my landlady. However, my student loan was insufficient to pay the additional rent. when i informed my landlady that i did not have money, she felt sorry for me and agreed to accept the original rent. However, she has now changed her mind and is demanding the additional rent.
please give an advice.

Lina Noor
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Joined: 17 January 2007
Posts: 4
Posted: 17 January 2007 at 12:38am | IP Logged Quote Iamatutor99

First of all, binding verbal contracts hardly hold up in anything. As for contract law, you bound yourself into a verbal contract (as far as people are concerned), but it is not legally suitable. As far as the law is concerned, you are under no obligation to purchase the ticket for her. She has the right to charge what she wants for rent, but cannot change the rent due to personal feelings, that is not legal. As far as your situation is concerned, you should talk to her; maybe take her out to lunch or something that would be the right thing to do to try to mend this situation. Let me reiterate, you are under no legal circumstances to purchase her the ticket and she cannot simply raise only your rent (but she can raise rent in general).


I hope this helps.  


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Joined: 22 January 2007
Location: Malaysia
Posts: 3
Posted: 26 January 2007 at 10:46am | IP Logged Quote Tutor22897

Hi Alin,

I will certainly try to assist. Just a few questions:

Which legal environment/origin is this pertaining too. English contract- australian contracts?

Is this an exam question?

do you need case law or just advise/pointers





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Joined: 22 January 2007
Location: Malaysia
Posts: 3
Posted: 26 January 2007 at 10:56am | IP Logged Quote Tutor22897

I must say in general, I do agree with Iamatutor99. Yes you are under no legal obligation to provide her with the tickets. This under normal circumstances, can be a gesture of good faith.

Talking about verbal agreement- her is another pointer- you may want to note that she also verbally agreed not to raise the rent..

Do bare in mind that you have contractually signed a contract agreeing to pay higher rent. We can also consider your defences in this matter. To see if the contract is valid and binding.

Feel free to clarify if need be. if you need more info give us a buzz.


From what i gather you were under under pressure and duress or other undue influence to sign.- this is just a pointer for you.



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