T U I T I O N     P L A Z A . C O M
If you are involved in the education sector in Malaysia, we would like to give you a free homepage. You will be given a homepage with address similar to www.tuitionplaza.com/yourhomepage. You qualified for this if you operate or you are one of the following:
  • Tuition Centre / Learning Centre / Tuition Class
  • Private School / Kindergarten
  • Tuition Teacher / Tutor / School Teacher
  • Provider of education products
  • Provider of products or services that are related to education
Why would you need an Internet homepage?
  • Promote your products/services on the Internet, 24 hours a day, all year long, year after year.
  • Many similar individuals/institutions/businesses already have homepages. Therefore, don't lose out.
  • Having a homepage is a necessity in this IT age.
  • You can change/update your homepage anytime. Updating is FREE.
  • Your homepage is FREE! There is NO monthly fee, NO annual fee and NO homepage design fee. You DO NOT have to pay us anything.
If you are interested, please leave your name and contact details below. We will contact you regarding your eligibility in this program.

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