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Chemical equations Check your score
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The following chemical equations represent the complete combustions of hydrocarbons. Which one correctly represents the complete combustion of ethane?
CH4  +  2O2      CO2  +  2H2O
CH4  +  3O2      CO2  +  4H2O
2C2H6  +  7O2      4CO2  +  6H2O
C2H6  +  2O2      CO2  +  2H2O

  * Quiz question created by Beka on 23 July 2005 at 4:16pm



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Chemical equation for the complete combustion of ethane

 dah lama tinggal dah tak ingat.. ada sape2 boleh terangkan tak?

The answer is:

2C2H6  +  7O2    4CO2  +  6H2O

Left side of equation:

Carbon atoms = 22 = 4
Hydrogen atoms = 26 = 12
Oxygen atoms = 72 = 14

Right side of equation:

Carbon atoms = 41 = 4
Hydrogen atoms = 62 = 12
Oxygen atoms = 42 + 61 = 14

The number of atoms for each element is the same before and after chemical reaction. Hence, the chemical equation is balanced!


See also this explanation by Beka (in Bahasa Melayu) - Pembakaran lengkap etana

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