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Visual Arts
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"The Last Supper" by Leornado da Vinci Check your score
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"The Last Supper" by Leornado da Vinci depicts the scene of the last supper during which Jesus announced that one of his 12 disciples would betray him. Even though the painting is one of the most well known and valued in the world, it has never been privately owned because...
it is very large in size
it is painted on a wall
it is very expensive
it has religious significance

  * Quiz question created by Guest on 10 December 2005 at 3:38am



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"The Last Supper" by Leornado da Vinci

I feel that the answer for this question is some what wrong and right. The painting is not just a something you put on your wall. The painting deserves to be seen throughtout the world not just in the United States Of America. I would think someone else feels the same way about this question. I answered D which the answer was it has religious significence that should be the most important answer.
 hai selamat berkenalan
yes i also answered d cause today it plays a great role in the christian history like the DA vincis code...
can any 1 tell me hoe the ans is B

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